Application Process

Would you like to partner with Knox Classical School to give your student a rigorous classical Christian education that will equip him or her to know and love the truth?  We're accepting applications for the 2024—2025 school year for kindergarten through third grade.

Key Dates (2024—2025)

Open for Applications

February 1, 2024

Last Info Meeting for 2024—2025 School Year

April 28, 2024

Applications Due

May 15, 2024

Enrollment Decisions Due

June 1, 2024

Applications submitted after May 15 will be considered, but if the family receives an offer of enrollment, it will be subject to an increased enrollment fee  per student to offset the increased costs of purchasing curriculum and supplies outside of our main orders for the school year.  Families should also understand that some books may be backordered as the start of the school year approaches. 

Application Steps

Step One:  Attend an Info Meeting

Attending an info meeting is the first step in our application process.  We'll introduce you to our Board of Directors and administrators, describe our classical Christian methodology, and explain how our collaborative model gives your student the best of traditional schooling and homeschooling.  You'll also have a chance to preview our robust curriculum, and you'll be invited to apply after attending the meeting.

Info Meeting RSVP

Step Two:  Complete the Family and Student Applications and Pay the Application Fee

We'll email you links to our Family Application and Student Application after you attend an info meeting.  Complete those applications and pay a one-time $150 application fee to apply for admission.  

As a part of your Family Application, we'll ask both parents to read one of two great, short works on classical Christian education:  An Introduction to Classical Education, by Christopher Perrin, or The Lost Tools of Learning, by Dorothy Sayers.  We'll also ask you to read carefully our Knox Classical School Family Handbook.

Step Three:  Schedule a Family Interview

Our admissions team reviews application materials on a rolling basis and will contact advancing families to schedule a family interview.  This gives us a chance to get to know you better and confirm that our classical, Christian, collaborative model is a good fit for your family.  

Before this interview, you'll administer a brief academic assessment to your student to provide his or her teacher with information about his or her academic strengths and weaknesses.

You'll receive an email within two weeks of your interview with an acceptance or denial of admission.

Why Choose Classical, Christian Education?