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Further Reading

New to Knox Classical School, or simply new to classical Christian education?  Here’s a list of resources to get you started.

About Knox Classical School

Short & Sweet

  • Dorothy L. Sayers, The Lost Tools of Learning.  The foundation of the modern revival of classical Christian education.  Read here.
  • Susan Wise Bauer, "What Is Classical Education?"  A brief synopsis of the classical method, particularly the trivium.  Read here.
  • The Classical Difference, "The Good Soil Report."  A study comparing  life-choices, preparation, attitudes, values, opinions, and practices of alumni from various types of schools—public, secular private, Catholic, evangelical, religious homeschool, and classical Christian. View a summary here, and view the whole report here.

More Thorough

  • Christopher A. Perrin, An Introduction to Classical Education: A Guide for Parents.  An explanation of the history and characteristics of classical education.  Read here.
  • C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man.  A short book on the importance of the goals of classical education.  Available here.
  • Pete Hegseth, Battle for the American Mind.  An accessible and concise introduction to why classical education is needed in modern America.  Available here.

Most Thorough

  • Douglas Wilson, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning.  Considered the catalyst for the explosion of classical Christian schools over the last 30 years.  Available here.
  • Stephen Turley, Awakening Wonder.  A thorough handling of the classical Christian education tradition.  Available here.
  • Kevin Clark & Ravi Jain, The Liberal Arts Tradition.  A detailed explanation of classical Christian education, particularly within a school environment.  Available here.
  • Susan Wise Bauer, The Well-Trained Mind and The Well-Educated Mind.  The first explores implementing classical Christian education at home, and the second invites adults to study the Great Books.  Available here and here.
  • Marcia Somerville, Love the Journey.  An introduction to implementing classical Christian education in your homeschool, written with much practical advice for parents of young children.  Available here.
  • Vigen Guroian, Tending the Heart of Virtue.  A guide to quality children's literature for the purpose of character formation.  Available here.

If You'd Rather Listen

  • Beza Institute, Reforming Classical Education Podcast.  A new podcast discussing the basics of classical Christian education.  Listen here.

If You'd Rather Watch

  • The Miseducation of America.  A documentary based off of Pete Hegseth's recent book considering the progressive takeover of American education.  Available here.
  • "Geronimo, Amen!"  A brief video about the resurgence of classical Christian education.  Watch here.
  • Classical Academic Press, Parent U.  A video series about how to implement classical Christian education in your home.  Available here.

"Classical education is a long tradition of asking questions and digging up answers, consulting others, then asking, seeking, and finding once more."  
 Christopher A. Perrin