Tuition & Fees

Our goal is to keep Knox Classical School affordable for as many families as possible, while simultaneously paying our teachers well enough that they can make a long-term commitment to our school.  Our tuition and fee numbers reflect careful planning and budgeting to ensure financial stability and that we’re providing a truly excellent comprehensive education.  

$3,500 per student

Application Fee
$150 per family

One-time fee; fully refundable if not admitted.

Enrollment Fee
$200 per student

Paid annually; non-refundable.

Tuition will cover most essentials for the school year—including teacher salaries, books, and materials used for projects at school.  Books (particularly workbooks and primary-text books) will generally be the property of the family and student, allowing students to build their own libraries.  Apart from these tuition and fee payments, families will be responsible only for basic school supplies and simple uniforms. 

Tuition and fees are subject to change year to year.  The Board of Directors will consider tuition and fee increases based on the principles developed by Independent School Management.