Our faculty are the heart and soul of Knox Classical School, and we're honored to have such a talented and devoted set of teachers.

Alyssa Gerrity Headshot, Lead Teacher & Second + Third Grade Teacher

Alyssa Gerrity
     Lead Teacher and Second & Third Grade Teacher

Alyssa Gerrity brings to our school over 12 years of experience as an educator and specialist in child development, language development, and the science of reading—along with 2 years of experience homeschooling her own son. While working as a certified speech-language pathologist in multiple school settings over the past decade, she’s mastered using various instructional techniques to engage students’ imagination and curiosity, and guided students with different learning challenges in studying phonics and becoming capable readers. Alyssa also has significant experience in helping other teachers improve their own teaching techniques, and she’s skilled at planning a comprehensive course of study to help students reach their God-given capabilities. Alyssa earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management from Northwest University and her Master of Science in Communication Disorders and Sciences from Eastern Illinois University. 


Even more important than these stellar professional qualifications, Alyssa loves the Lord and follows Him whole heartedly. She and her husband Jon are members of Providence Community Church where she serves in a variety of contexts, including teaching Sunday School for PreK—3rd grade. She’s passionate about sharing the gospel with students and looks forward to the opportunity to do so at all times and in all contexts at Knox Classical. 

In addition to serving as our Lead Teacher helping to support our other teachers and oversee lesson planning and assignment development, Alyssa will teach our second and third grade students in a combined classroom. We couldn't be more thrilled or honored to have Alyssa as part of our founding faculty, and we know that she’ll enrich our community with her graciousness, diligence, and enthusiasm.
Sarah Sander Headshot, Kindergarten Teacher

Sarah Sander
     Kindergarten Teacher

Sarah has over 20 years of experience teaching in public and private Christian schools, and now she homeschools her own son. Teaching in each of these contexts has made her passionate about partnering with parents to help them give their child the best education possible, and it’s convinced her of the eternal value of a Christian education. 

Sarah earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Northwest University and her Master of Arts in Secondary Education from National Louis University. Since then, she’s taught a variety of subjects to students grades K—8, gaining outstanding experience in using different techniques to maximize each student’s learning and in cultivating an orderly and God-glorifying classroom culture. 

Sarah has been recognized repeatedly for her stellar performance in the classroom, especially through her efforts to communicate clearly and graciously with students, parents, team members, and administrators. She’s training to become a certified biblical counselor and is passionate about the transformative power of Scripture. Sarah and her husband are members of Ascend Church where she serves in a variety of contexts. 

Sarah is eager to guide our kindergarteners in developing not only as excellent students but more importantly as faithful followers of Jesus. She can’t wait to share her love of great stories and good books and stir up a passion in our kindergarteners to keep learning throughout their lives. 

Jessa Roby Headshot, First Grade Teacher

Jessa Roby
     First Grade Teacher

Jessa earned her Bachelors of Art in English and Bachelors of Education from Kansas State University.  She’s since worked as both a primary school teacher and school administrator, giving her valuable experience both in helping students excel in the classroom and communicating effectively with parents and administrators.  Jessa has significant experience in helping students become strong and motivated readers, particularly by strategizing with parents to address each child’s unique needs and learning style. 

Jessa and her husband Max are members of Providence Community Church where they’ve worked with children and youth ranging from ages 0—18.  They have two young children and love teaching them to explore nature, read great books, and above all, love the Lord with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength. 

Our team is thrilled to have Jessa’s classroom and administrative experience to help us cultivate outstanding partnerships between our school and Knox Classical parents.

Veronica Ross Headshot, Art Teacher

Veronica Ross
     Art Appreciation & Technique Teacher

Veronica taught high school international history and geography for several years, until the birth of her son last year. During this time, she developed a passion for helping students understand the connections between historical events and the art produced during those events, and she became increasingly convinced of the importance of art to understand the beauty of the Creator and His Creation. Four years ago, she opened her own painting business, and over 100 patrons in the KC Metro area and around the world have purchased her art. 

Veronica holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education: Social Studies and Government, with a Minor in History, from the University of Kansas, as well as a Master’s degree in Education from Friends University. Besides her history and art proficiencies, Veronica is fluent in Spanish.

Veronica and her husband Kyle are active members of Providence Community Church. Veronica’s goal for art classes at Knox Classical is “to have students see themselves as pieces of art that were redeemed and now labeled priceless through Christ on the cross.” What an amazing vision for our students!

Kaitlin McFadden Headshot, Music Teacher

Kaitlin McFadden
     Music Appreciation & Technique Teacher

Kaitlin earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music cum laude from Friends University and her Master’s in Music Education and Music Therapy from the University of Kansas. She’s used her musical training in various settings to teach and serve, including teaching private and group lessons for children and adults; working with older adults with Alzheimer’s Disease as a certified music therapist; and serving as the Music Coordinator at Calvary Baptist Church in Lenexa, where she and her husband have been members for over seven years. 

In her role as Music Coordinator, Kaitlin not only organizes and directs music ministry performances, and plans and leads all congregational worship services, but she also leads music for the children’s Sunday school class and organizes and directs children’s choir performances. Kaitlin lives in Lenexa with her husband, daughter, and two cats.

Kaitlin is eager to help us establish a music program at Knox Classical that helps students become capable singers and learn music theory, and more importantly, learn to love and achieve excellence to the glory of God.  

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